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Sound FactoryMusiques et logiques de l'industrialisation

 - Sound Factory
From an industrial revolution to another, popular music at the forefront of social change in contemporary societies.
Stéphane Dorin is a sociologist and lecturer at the Université Paris 8. He studied the diffusion process of jazz and rock in India, thus contributing to a sociology of globalization within the field of popular music. His research focuses on the transformation of musical, intellectual and popular taste in the age of cultural and media industries.
Edited by Stéphane Dorin.
Texts by Stéphane Dorin, Vincent Arquillière, Philippe Bouquillion, Simon Frith, Gérôme Guibert, David Hesmondhalgh, Patrick Mignon, conversation between Jeremy Deller and Julien Fronsacq.

Published with Uqbar publisher.
published in September 2012
French edition
14 x 22 cm (softcover)
168 pages
ISBN : 978-2-913169-31-9
EAN : 9782913169319
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