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Daniel Larrieu -
The first monograph dedicated to the choreographer's work.
Daniel Larrieu's choreographs play on the seriousness of frivolity and the lightness of gravity. We can see how thought comes to marble, life to statues and immobility to living beings. Some of the movements he invents are modeled on a falling leaf, rising smoke, simmering water, grass stirring gently in the breeze. Vibrations of light become as important to us as a volcanic eruption.
Daniel Dobbels (born, 1947) is a choreographer, dancer, and dance scholar, contributor and shrewd witness of art history.

Gilbert Lascaut (born, 1934) is a French novelist and art critic.

Nadia Tazi is a journalist and philosopher.
Daniel Larrieu (born 1957 in Marseilles, lives and works in Paris) started as a professional dancer at the beginning of the Eighties. He then multiplied experiments, trying to renew its creativity through is interest for other artistic disciplines. A choreographer for National centers and dance companies he also teaches in various Institutions in France.
Texts by Daniel Dobbels, Gilbert Lascaut, Nadia Tazi; interview with Daniel Larrieu.

Graphic design: Daniel Larrieu.
published in July 1989
French edition
21,5 x 27,5 cm (softcover)
128 pages (70 b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-906571-10-5
EAN : 9782906571105
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