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Génération sans futur (vinyl LP)

Art Zoyd - Génération sans futur (vinyl LP)
This third Art Zoyd cult album was no more available since years. Re-released with a new artwork.
“Génération Sans Futur” (“Generation Without a Future”), Art Zoyd's third LP released in 1980 through Atem Records, comes back to the sound (and lineup, plus Daniel Denis / Univers Zero) of the group's first “Symphonie Pour le Jour où Brûleront les Cités.” The 17-minute “La Ville” is a powerful epic including Thierry Zaboïtzeff's prehistoric grunts, complex time shifts, and a tribal / ritualistic feel once again close to the spirit of Magma. But unlike “Musique Pour l'Odyssée” (title track of Art Zoyd's second album), the music here is fast-paced, less atmospheric, more organized. It plays on the tension that will remain the basis of Art Zoyd's originality: a tribal, atavistic feel contrasting with contemporary classical aesthetics. Actually, “Génération Sans Futur” may be leaning more toward the contemporary side, as exemplified by pieces like “Divertissement,” “Trois Miniatures,” and the manic “Speedy Gonzales.” “Génération Sans Futur,” on the other hand, taps into a more visceral progressive rock format and percussionist Daniel Denis actually gets to play drums for a couple of minutes, giving the piece an unusual drive. A strong album.
Also available on CD.
published in June 2015
5 tracks
sold out

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