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Musique Pour L'Odyssée (CD)

Art Zoyd - Musique Pour L\'Odyssée (CD)
This second Art Zoyd cult album was no more available since years. Re-released with a new artwork and additional bonus tracks.
Released almost three years after Art Zoyd's first LP, Symphonie Pour le Jour où Brûleront les Cités, Musique Pour l'Odyssée (Music for the Odyssey) presented a slightly different version of the band. The nucleus of Gérard Hourbette (violin), Thierry Zaboïtzeff (bass guitar, cello, vocals), and Jean-Pierre Soarez (trumpet) is joined by percussionist Daniel Denis (who would remain a core member of the band for two decades), oboist/bassoonist Michel Berckmans (of Univers Zero and Von Zamla), saxophonist Michel Thomas, and a second violinist, Franck Cardon. This lineup recorded an album much more cinematic than the first. The band finds a new dimension in their sound, one that would remain present on through to their next releases.
Art Zoyd's early and great works have been unavailable for such a long time that it's too easy to forget what a strikingly original and amazing band they were in their prime.
published in 2013
sold out
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