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Listening to Donald Judd (CD)

Stephen Vitiello - Listening to Donald Judd (CD)
A work in progress evolving from the numerous recordings Stephen Vitiello made of the sculptures of American artist Donald Judd in Marfa, Texas.
“High-precision microphones are placed directly on the surface of Judd's “specific objects.” They capture a subtle combination of sounds resonating through the artwork and ambient sounds. Indubitably, I see this work as a tribute (and what better form for a tribute than a new work of art) to one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century.
These recordings were created during an impromptu residency sponsored by the Marfa Theater and the Chinati Foundation. The results were a performance (with and without Tetsu Inoue) and two fairly large sound installations. I was there to somehow record the elusive Marfa Lights that appear almost nightly in the sky. They were easy to see but impossible to record with my small photocell and borrowed telescope. Sounds were captured in and around the Donald Judd installations at Chinati, in a glider, in fields of grasshoppers and along some unknown street. Marfa is a very quiet town. The most significant sound event is when the train comes through each day which can happen at any time of day or night. 3 years after my visit, most of what I experienced in Marfa has probably been modified by memory. The sound of the train is the only recognizable source sound that has been left fairly unhurt by time-stretching and other forms of electronic and mental processing.”
Stephen Vitiello
Electronic musician, visual and sound artist, Stephen Vitiello (born 1964 in New York City) has collaborated with numerous artists, musicians and choreographers, including Pauline Oliveros, Tony Oursler, Constance De Jong, Nam June Paik, Julie Mehretu, Eder Santos, Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, Andrew Deutsch, Yasunao Tone, Tetsu Inoue, Steve Roden, Machinefabriek, Lawrence English, Taylor Deupree, Chihei Hatakeyama, Frances-Marie Uitti, Dara Birnbaum, Jem Cohen, Joan Jonas, etc.
published in 2007
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