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Gravures néoclassiques d'après François-Gédéon ReverdinQuand la copie devient modèle

François-Gédéon Reverdin - Gravures néoclassiques d\'après François-Gédéon Reverdin
Three studies on Reverdin's biography.
Between 1805 and 1828 François-Gédéon Reverdin (*1772) published his "Cours complet d'études pour la figure." According to his biographers, it was "the work of a lifetime." Following the practice of a progressive knowledge (from anatomical details to the study of the entire figure), this "Cours" reflects the Napoleonic era, its heroes (ancient legendary, or real), and its great artists. Reverdin, trained in David's workshop, was a friend of Ingres, and met, among others, François Gérard and Anne-Louis Girodet. Their works inspired him to some of his most amazing drawings. They have in common the search for the ideal beauty which was the guiding principle for his drawing classes as Director of the School of drawing at the Société des Arts of Geneva.
The publication includes three studies on Reverdin's biography, as well as the aesthetic issues of his drawings and the engravings that were made from them. Moreover, the quality of the reproductions offers a rare and unique occasion to appreciate the technique of the "roulette" (also known as the "crayon manner"). This technique enabled the engravers to capture and render faithfully Reverdin's drawings. It reveals Reverdin, beyond his career as a teacher, as an author who gave to the art of copying the value of originals.
Published for the exhibition La gravure d'après François-Gédéon Reverdin – Itinéraire d'un Genevois dans l'école de David at the Print Room of Geneva, from June to September 2007 (www.ville-ge.ch/mah).
This book has been awarded for the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2008”.
Edited by Mayte Garcia-Julliard.
Texts by Christophe Cherix, Mayte Garcia-Julliard, Laurent Langer, Georges Vigne.

Published with the Print Room of Geneva.
published in 2008
French edition
17 x 24 cm (hardcover)
176 pages (80 color ill.)
28.00 16.00
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ISBN : 978-3-905829-35-8
EAN : 9783905829358
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Gravures néoclassiques d'après François-Gédéon Reverdin Gravures néoclassiques d'après François-Gédéon Reverdin

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