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The Shadow Ring (1992-2002)

The Shadow Ring - The Shadow Ring (1992-2002)
A comprehensive overview of the work produced by British musicians Graham Lambkin, Darren Harris, and later Tim Goss over the course of a decade.
Throughout their legendary ten-year run, this shambolic rock outfit, formed by a group of teenagers in the port town Folkestone, were an enigmatic force on the international musical sub-underground. The group have left behind a mighty run of eight LPs, a handful of 7-inches, and a spate of raucous live shows and cryptic zine appearances on both sides of the Atlantic. Collected here for the first time a nearly five-hundred-page book that includes a monographic biographical survey, more than one hundred color photos, a comprehensive discography with transcribed lyrics, and a selection of zine appearances, fliers, postcards, and other miscellanea.
Book also available in a box set including 11 CDs and a DVD.
Led by Graham Lambkin, avant-rock minimalists The Shadow Ring constructed a strange, lo-fi sound fusing a D.I.Y. post-punk aesthetic with folk music, cracked electronics and experimental noise from guitar, tape loops, and surreal spoken-word poetry, that set it apart from its peers, and continues to exert an influence today. Formed in Cheriton, Kent, England in 1993, The Shadow Ring initially consisted of guitarist Lambkin and percussionist Darren Harris, joined by Tim Goss in 1996, with occasional supporting personnel. The group disbanded in 2003.

See also Graham Lambkin.
Edited by Lawrence Kumpf.
2024 (publication expected by 2nd quarter)
English edition
ISBN : 978-1-953691-20-0
EAN : 9781953691200
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