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For Lovers Only / Rain Suite (vinyl LP)

SG - For Lovers Only / Rain Suite (vinyl LP)
SG is none other than Andrew Pekler returning to faitiche with an album of sentimental guitar escapism. For Lovers Only / Rain Suite features ten tracks made using only an electric guitar and a handful of effects pedals (plus some additional recordings of rain) and finds Pekler once again attempting to reconicile his tendencies towards kitsch, experimentation and minimalism.
"It's a wonder where the rivers go and far, how fast or slow.
Just seconds to remember, who can forget, when you are lost.
I think to recount every step, in both hands, eyes open, the clouds unfold, one two three. Every other step, just as well.
Where the moss is soft, you know strong. How many hours, days? I could have been careful, did I forget?
Never mind. Waking up, in these arms, where the rivers go, slow. One two three, one two three."
— Sam Prekop
SG is the alias of Andrew Pekler (born in 1973 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, lives and works in Berlin), a sound artist whose experimental practice relies on the use of recontextualized samples and archives.

See also Andrew Pekler; Groupshow (Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann & Andrew Pekler).
published in November 2023
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