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Écodesign et Création #01 – S'attacher

 - Écodesign et Création #01
An exploration of the various paths of ecodesign, from material environments to our imaginations, from concern for uses to new narratives.
Published as part of the "Ecodesign and Creation" research, creation and production Chair, organized by the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in partnership with the Decathlon Group from 2022 to 2025, with the aim of responding, through design in all its forms, to the major challenges of the ecological transition, this publication is neither a formal account nor a catalogue of the Chair's student productions, but rather a catalyst for the ecological question as seen through the prism of the arts of living and inhabiting the earth, historically represented by the decorative arts.
Edited by Justin Jaricot and Jérôme Meudic.
Contributions by Flore André, Alix Bazin, Léa Beaunée, Siann Bergbaum, Lorelei Borgies, Chloé Boutefeu, Nico Brousmiche-Criseo, Claire Buet, Lexia Campo, Damien Comolli-Miramont, Alexandre Costa, Éléonore Coyola, Véra Dubost, Capucine Dubs, Benjamin Faucher, André Fontes, Paul Gauthier, Romane Guet-Frapard, Léa Grabowski, Nathalie Guiot, Maude Guirault, Sébastien Haquet, Chloé Hercé, Claire Hollinger, Leïla Kiker, Pauline Landrieu, Gwangmin Lee, Guillaume Lehoux, Marielle Macé, Malo Mahuzier, Théophile Narcy, Anna Peguet, Natalia Petkovic, Ana Piñeyro, Anatole Pons, Lou Ramage, Éloi Regnier, Élisa Seban, Cloé Soubirane, Emmanuel Tibloux, Julian Turgy, Clarisse Yven.
published in September 2023
French edition
23 x 30,5 cm (softcover)
76 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-905710-73-4
EAN : 9782905710734
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