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Composite #04

 - Composite #04
The fourth issue of the annual graphic design journal, dedicated to image and print techniques, with Atelier Murr, Atelier National de Recherche Typographique, Juanma Gomez, Julien Van Anholt, Alexis Dandreis, Sébastien Esteban Desplat, Amélie Dumont, Les Artisans du Regard, Maximage, Fraser Muggeridge, Our Polite Society, Éloïsa Perez, La Perruque, Roman Seban.
Each cover is unique.
Composite is an annual journal dedicated to the tools, techniques and technologies that run through the practices of graphic design and image. A pedagogical tool initiated by Elsa Aupetit and Christophe Lemaitre at the Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image (France), the magazine puts students in contact with the history of their profession while initiating, in the long term, an effort to document the present. The project is part of material and conceptual logics that may have been those of publications such as Caractère Noël and Upper & Lower Case. The nuance here is that the journal's production protocol is an educational project on the history of techniques (and their contemporary uses) during which students meet a selection of French and international professionals—manufacturers, printers, screen printers, graphic designers and artists—renewed each year.
Edited by Elsa Aupetit, Christophe Lemaitre, Martin Plagnol.
published in September 2023
bilingual edition (English / French)
21 x 29,7 cm
96 pages (82 ill.), 7 inserts
ISBN : 978-2-9575068-3-5
EAN : 9782957506835
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