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Fondus (vinyl LP)

Workshop de Lyon - Fondus (vinyl LP)
Eighth album of the Workshop of Lyon, it is also their first entirely improvised disc, recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat.
Founded in 1967, the Workshop de Lyon (formerly Free Jazz Workshop) is the oldest French free jazz band still in activity. In more than 50 years of existence, almost always made up of two winds, a double bass and a drum kit, it has successively brought together Jean Bolcato, Pierre Guyon, Jean Mereu, Maurice Merle, Patrick Vollat, Christian Rollet, Louis Sclavis, Jean-Paul Autin, Jean Aussanaire, and performed with Didier Levallet, Michel Portal, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Georges Lewis, Jacques Di Donato, François Tusques, Thomas Heberer, Noël Akchoté, Claude Barthélemy, Steve Waring, Yves Robert, Ken Carter, Ernst Reisjeger, Claude Tchamitchian, Thierry Maucci, Patrick Charbonnier, Michel Mandel, Alfred Spirli, Guy Villerd, Red, Richard Raux, Michel Saulnier, Eric Brochard, Paul Vranas, Gershwin Nkosi, François Corneloup, Anna Kupfer, etc.
Artwork: Julien Dubertret.
published in 1997

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