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We Are The World (vinyl LP)

 - We Are The World (vinyl LP)
Compilation realized within the framework of the "Rencontres de Pratiques Brutes de la Musique" by the association Sonic Protest.
"Since its launch in 2003, Sonic Protest Festival has focused on presenting the work of artists working on the margins of contemporary sound creation. In this selection of exceptional creators, an important place has always been dedicated to projects that integrate people with disabilities. This is how, quite naturally, the idea for the 13th edition of the festival in 2017 came about : the aim was to highlight the links that are identified between the practice of figures of the international experimental scenes and those individual subjects, who live in or outside of institutions, by organizing within the festival itself the first International Encounters around the raw Music Practices. Each edition features musical workshops, radio shows, a sharing of practices and experiences, round tables, testimonies and evening concerts.
This compilation invites you to discover some of the artists who participated in the encounters between 2017 and 2018 with some tracks recorded directly during the meetings, others unpublished, for a total immersion in experimentation, untouched and raw."
Olivier Brisson
With Avec 2Decks, Les Harry's & Friends, Humming Dogs, Les Loups Blue, Reynols, Māpura Music, Radio La Colifata, DNA? AND? featuring Ogrob, Astéréotypie, Radio La Colifata, Les Troupes De L'Imaginaire, Les Camions, Les (dé)Mangeurs De Guitare, Atelier Du Non-Faire, Jean-Marie Massou, Radio La Colifata, Wild Classical Music Ensemble, Cicanoise, Les Cratères Lunaires, Kollektiv Barner 16, Radio La Colifata, Jérome & Thierry, Choolers Division, Radio La Colifata, K-Dog, BoyGirl, Antoine Azpitarte, Fabrice Foster.

published in March 2019
sold out

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