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Shooting Stars Can Last (CD)

Christophe Bailleau - Shooting Stars Can Last (CD)
A lush, abyssal, labyrinthine and generous album, produced by Christophe Bailleau with a group of sound artists and invited accomplices.
"Between 2020 and 2022, Christophe Bailleau invited several sound artists/accomplices from different backgrounds and countries to contribute to electronic, hybrid, soundscape pieces… Each of them is a sonic vision of another world. These connected collaborations, aroused within the framework of the No Lockdown Art initiative launched by Transcultures (Belgium) and the European Pepinieres of Creation (France) during the coronavirus pandemic, have built this album as a traveling constellation."
Chris Farrell
With Paradise Now, Konejo, Yuri Cardinal, A Limb, aMute, BENE:LUXE, PRISM, Célestin Bailleau, Gavin Vanaelst, Jules Nerbard, Chris Farrell.

Christophe Bailleau is a French multimedia artist and musician living in Brussels, Belgium.
Mastering: Norscq.
Graphic design: P. Nicolas Ledoux.
published in November 2022
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