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The Listening Academy (CD)

 - The Listening Academy (CD)
A collective improvisation as part of a creative research academy on questions and practices of listening.
Can listening be a tool?
For care and concern? For possible worlds?
How can a space support experiences of togetherness?
How to challenge geometries of power by listening?
Where is the border between questioning and changing, art and activism?
How to counteract the commodification of participation? Are there ways of withdrawing while fostering modes of becoming-with?
How to create times and spaces for reflection and mutual exchange?
For attuning across bodies and things, each and other?
Can we resist through states of unproductivity? Through forms of doing-nothing?

The publication documents a collective improvisation recorded on July 22, 2021 at Studio dB Berlin, and developed as part of The Listening Academy, a creative research academy focusing on listening as a philosophical, artistic, social and somatic issue (listeningbiennial.net/academy). It was enacted by a group of participating researchers, artists and musicians, brought together from different parts of the globe through a mutual interest in radical listening.
With Miguel Buenrostro, Giordano Cruciani, Daniela Gentile, Mathias Klenner, Brandon LaBelle, Maria Frederika Malmström, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Shlomit Strutti, Sandra Volny, Matteo Zoccolo.
published in October 2022
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