Giaime Meloni

Giaime Meloni, visual researcher with a PhD in architecture, is living between two islands: Île-de-France and Sardinia. The aim of his work is to explore the role of photography as a sensitivetool to narrate the complexity of space. His research has been illustrated in various publications and exhibitions and he has participated in several international conferences. Giaime Meloni teaches at École nationale supérieure d'archi-tecture de la ville et du territoire de Paris-Est. His courses focus on the representation of architecture as a tool for understanding and interpreting space.
Giaime Meloni - Voyages en Sardaigne - Nelle miniere di Iglesias / Into the Mines of Iglesias
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Caryatide / Cosa Mentale - Voyages en Sardaigne
Voyages en Sardaigne (Travels in Sardinia) is a collection of unconventional thematic guides on the island in the middle of the Mediterranean. This first part proposes an itinerary through the mining landscapes of Sulcis-Iglesiente, exploring soil, excavations, incisions, mutations, transpositions and silence of this territory marked by an industrial history.
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