Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki (born 1941 in Pyongyang) is a Japanese pioneer of sound art. Since his infamous "Throwing Objects Down a Staircase" event at Nagoya Station in 1963 and the self-study events which followed, where he explored the processes of "projection" and "following" in the natural world, Suzuki has pursued listening as a practice. In the 1970s he created and began performing on a number of original instruments, including the echo instrument Analapos. In 1988 he performed his piece "Space in the Sun", which involved purifying his ears for twenty-four hours in nature on the meridian line that runs through Amino, Kyoto. In 1996, he began his "o to da te" project where he seeks out echo points in the urban environment. Has performed and exhibited at many venues and music festivals around the world, including Documenta8 (Germany, 1987), the British Museum (2002), Musée Zadkine (France, 2004), Kunstmuseum Bonn (Germany, 2018), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo, 2019), etc.

(external link : www.akiosuzuki.com)
Akio Suzuki - New Sense of Hearing (vinyl LP)
Blank Forms - Records
Available for the first time since its original 1980 release on ALM-Uranoia, New Sense of Hearing documents a collaboration between Takehisa Kosugi and Akio Suzuki, two luminaries of Japanese experimental music in the lineage of Fluxus.
Akio Suzuki - Breathing Spirit Forms (CD + book)
A series of in situ improvisations on Mount Tamborine in Australia.

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