Michel Henritzi

French musician, producer and music critic, winner of the Villa Kujoyama of Kyōto in 2007, Michel Henritzi (born 1959 in Metz, France) was involved in different industrial and rock bands in the late 70s, before collaborated with the collective Nox. Since 2001, he runs the label À Bruit Secret, is part of the bands Dustbreeders, O'Death Jug and the label Élevage de Poussière with Thierry Delles and Yves Botz and plays regularly with Junko (Hijokaidan) and Rinji Fukuoka (Majutsu No Niwa). He is a contributor of Revue & Corrigée, Peace Warriors & Blow Up.
Michel Henritzi - Micro Japon
French edition
Lenka lente
sold out
Michel Henritzi's collection of interviews provides a rich portrait of the experimental music scene in Japan.

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