Antoine Läng

Living in Geneva, Antoine Läng dedicates an important part of his work to the raw voice and the extended vocal apparatus, by means of augmented techniques and various acoustic devices. The voice is explored from the breath and the physical mechanisms that can produce sound gestures specific to the body and the place in which they are deployed. This relationship to space is currently being extended to other features of his musical work, mainly oriented towards listening to and receiving places envisaged as sound spaces that the performance aims to make heard. He sings in Le Recueil des Miracles, Babeleon, Giallo Oscuro, screams in Cortez, whispers and breathes in Insub xtet and Insub Meta Orchestra, considers sounds from places with Olga Kokcharova (duo Kokhlias and Loulan) and with Anouck Genthon or from the mouth with Jason Kahn and solo, He participates in the programming committee of the Akouphène festival in Geneva. He is also part of INSUB, a collective whose associative activities focus on the development of the experimental music scene in Geneva and Switzerland.
Antoine Läng - Fictation
bilingual edition (English / French)
Édition Gamut
A publication project about listening and sound relations.

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