Ahmed Bouanani

Filmmaker, writer and artist, Ahmed Bouanani (1938-2011) is a major figure of Moroccan intellectual and artistic life.
Ahmed Bouanani - Enquête sur les bijoux Amazighs
trilingual edition (English / Arabic / French)
Kulte Editions
A series of drawings made during a field visit by the filmmaker, writer and artist Ahmed Bouanani. Here ethnographer and illustrator, Bouanani analyzes the construction of Berber jewelry by sketching a taxonomy and a geography of formal symbolism of Berber groups in Morocco.
Ahmed Bouanani - La Septième Porte - Une histoire du cinéma au Maroc de 1907 à 1986
French edition
Kulte Editions
Ahmed Bouanani's book on the history of Moroccan cinema from 1907 to 1986, published for the first time 33 years after it was written: a hybrid text with prodigious inspiration.
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