North of North

North of North is an Australian acoustic trio made up of Anthony Pateras (piano), Scott Tinkler (trumpet) and Erkki Veltheim (violin). Drawing from improvisation, Carnatic music, 20th and 21st century compositional strategies, mathematical theories and open forms of jazz, their music is fused together by virtuosic instrumentalism, critical listening and a shared philosophy of musical and physical discipline.

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 North of North - North Of North (CD)
14.00 12.00 €
The self-titled 2nd release of the trio featuring Anthony Pateras, Scott Tinkler and Erkki Veltheim, a stochastic / carnatic free improvisation session recorded in Melbourne's Church of All Nations.
 North of North - The Moment In and Of Itself (CD)
14.00 12.00 €
Instruments that sound like instruments: the debut album from North of North, featuring Anthony Pateras (piano), Scott Tinkler (trumpet) and Erkki Veltheim (violin).

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