Nicola Ratti

Nicola Ratti bases his music upon the search for a personal language that is capable of joining together basic song structure, electro-acoustic experimentation, and the use of sounds extracted from the environment in which we live, with a sensibility that ranges from improvisation to the almost artisanal construction of sound. The use of voice and words compete to create a result full of nuance and discovery within compositions which remain open to both formal and emotional points of view.

See also Bellows (Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti).

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Nicola Ratti - Framework 3 (vinyl EP + CD)
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Framework 3 is the latest instalment in Mads Emil Nielsen's sequence of graphic scores and recordings. The series includes the Danish composer's own subjective translations of visual materials and sound pieces accompanied by visual notations. On this release he collaborates with Katja Gretzinger and Nicola Ratti. Published as a limited edition art print folder, Framework 3 consists of risographed scores and recordings on 10" vinyl and CD—with recordings by Nielsen, along with graphic scores by Gretzinger and contributions by Ratti.

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