Samy Rio

Samy Rio (born 1989, lives and works in Paris) is a French designer. He studied cabinetmaking for four years before taking a five-year course at the École nationale supérieure de création industrielle in Paris. This dual training allows him to combine industrial and artisanal techniques, which he considers complementary and essential to each other. His approach to design, characterized by a complexity of technical choices and simplicity of form, reflects a deep reflection on the materials and processes used.
Samy Rio - Autochtonie
bilingual edition (English / French)
Amers Editions
A collection of photos by the French designer condescending a topographic analysis of the Cevennes forests as part of a research project on their revitalization.
Samy Rio - Futur-proof? - Ongoing research 2015-2020
bilingual edition (English / French)
Pli - Collection 01
sold out
An inventory of the research of the designer Samy Rio, which attempts to account for the rich and open process of his work towards a more sustainable design practice.
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