Livio Vacchini

Livio Vacchini (1933-2007) is one of the most revered architects of his time. His work was characterized by a constant search for perfection and by a perpetual questioning of architecture's fundamental principles.

See also Roberto Masiero: Une machine à penser – La maison de Paros de Silvia Gmür et Livio Vacchini.

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Livio Vacchini - Capolavori - Chefs-d\'œuvre
French edition
Caryatide / Cosa Mentale - Fondamenta
Twelve texts on as many architectural masterpieces: pursuing their project to disseminate the work and thought of Livio Vacchini, Caryatide publish a new edition in French of Capolavori, the small (and immense) milestone, full of meaning and poetry, that the architect from Ticino wrote in 2006 just before his death.
Livio Vacchini - Disegni / Dessins / Drawings
trilingual edition (English / French / Italian)
Caryatide / Cosa Mentale - Essays
This volume looks at a central aspect of Livio Vacchini's research: his drawings. The publication gives an overview of the Swiss architect's work with an unpublished selection of drawings—plans, cross sections, and facades. It also features an essay by architect Roberto Masiero.
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