Eamon Sprod (aka Tarab) explores re-contextualised collected sounds and tactile gestures formed into dynamic, psycho-geographical compositions inspired by discarded things, found things, crawling around in the dirt, junk, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, decay and most if not all the things he hears and sees. More than simply documenting a given site, tarab is interested in a direct engagement with our surrounds, teasing out half narratives, visceral sensation, false leads and heightened awareness.

See also Eamon Sprod.

(external link : tarab3058.com)
 Tarab - An Incomplete Yet Fixed Idea (vinyl LP)
22.00 17.50 €
An electroacoustic psycho-geographical composition made from field recordings collected from 2011 to 2016.

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