Quatuor Tana

Since 2011, Quatuor Tana is the only European ensemble to be playing on electronic equipment with the Airturn Electronic Scoring System, which makes them an ideal partner for research. Neither calculated nor premeditated, Quatuor Tana's singularity rests on its undeniably unique and fiercely contemporary repertoire. Its musicians impose, in a single voice, four wills and four energies that, while attached to the quartet tradition, are firmly decided to expand the framework and find individual expression in contemporary creation. Their insatiable music curiosity pushes them to explore the multiple facets, styles and riches of scores created by living composers. They integrate these masterpieces of tomorrow to their concerts alongside already-acclaimed repertoire. Quatuor Tana has performed in major halls and festivals around the world.

(external link : www.quatuortana.net)
 Quatuor Tana - Eclerectic Attracta (CD)
Sub Rosa
Surrounded by European electronic music ensemble Quatuor Tana, 4 new pieces by the unpredictable Baudouin De Jaer, pushing further the boundaries of contemporary composition.

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