Asger Jorn

Founding member of CoBrA and Situationist International movements, Danish painter, sculptor, and ceramic artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973) is one of the major figures of the post-war avant-garde, whose work can be characterized by its artistic and political radicalism.
Asger Jorn - Musique phénoménale (2 CD)
Tochnit Aleph
The first ever reissue of the piece recorded by Asger Jorn & Jean Dubuffet in 1960-61 in Paris.
Asger Jorn - The Open Hide
English edition
The Open Hide offers a concise overview of the diverse accomplishments of Danish artist Asger Jorn. The volume comprises over 75 images of Jorn's work, each with complete provenance, exhibition and literature history. A comprehensive biography of the artist is also included, along with photographs and other archival material.

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