Laurent Lolmède

Laurent Lolmède (born 1965 in Figeac, France) is a cartoonist and illustrator for the daily press and publishing houses.
Laurent Lolmède - Brut d\'actu
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United Dead Artists
Journal designed by Laurent Lolmède.
Laurent Lolmède - Goudron pavés
United Dead Artists
An illustrated walk in the streets of Paris within an abundant and motley crowd. Expressive bodies are moving and intersecting—they seem to tangle and then fade into the background.
Laurent Lolmède - Brut de comix
United Dead Artists
A sequel to Brut de carnet with a selection of drawings from Lolmède's 2010 personal notebook.
Laurent Lolmède - Brut de carnet
United Dead Artists
This impressive book of over 300 pages gathers a selection of drawings and paintings taken from Laurent Lolmède's personal notebooks from 1988 to 2010.

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