Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen is a Danish art historian and writer. He teaches at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University.
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen - The Contemporary Condition - Hegel after Occupy
English edition
Sternberg Press - The Contemporary Condition
A Western Marxist analysis of the relationship between the historical present and political action.
Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen - Playmates and Playboys at a Higher Level - J. V. Martin and the Situationist International
English edition
Sternberg Press - History, Criticism and Theory
After the infamous split in the Situationist International in 1962, the Danish artist J. V. Martin was unexpectedly put in charge of the group's Scandinavian section. This book is the first presentation of Martin's strange trajectory within the SI, in which he would remain a member until the group's dissolution in 1972.
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