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Musique cabalistique

Frédéric Acquaviva - Musique cabalistique
A gallery of portraits of people listening to a work by Frédéric Acquaviva in progress, laid out like a flip book.
"Hello, I 've been called Frédéric Acquaviva, and I myself called this music musique cabalistique. The objective of this piece is to make the listeners hear the music I am working on at the time of listening, when I am working. These listeners come one by one and hear on headphones what might disappear.
Therefore, each one hears something different, since there is no beginning nor end, as when one is in the shit.
And when I am not composing—there are other things to do in life—, I invite listeners to look at the ones that had previously listened.
You are then going to look at the ones that had listened, but also look at the ones that have looked at the ones that had listened, or those who have looked at the ones that have looked at the ones that have listened".
With Pauline Oliveros, Ione, Charles Strong, Ragazza, Ragazzo, Loré Lixenberg, Hamish Hossain, Maxime Barthélemy, Thomas Menuet, Pierre Kossowski, Sina Fallahzadeh, Tony Hayere, Paul Ramage, Térence Meunier, Denis Dufour, Romain Gaudiche, Livia Giovaninetti, Armando Balice, Florent Turpin, Martin Steen, Linnéa Enlesson, Fanny Stenberg, Beatta Berggren, Helena Hormberg, Hans Rosenström, Eva Leonte, Iona Leca, Martin Högström, Peter Thörneby, Jakob Lien, Kim West, Camilla Carlberg, Cecilia Grönberg, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Nathalie Wnerth, Ingvar Loco Nordin, Ami Kohara, Antoine Spennato, Virgile Mermet, Calisto, Acteon, Alain Levy-Valensi, Michelle Breteche, Philippe Blanchard, Benjamin Hacot, Nicole Bertholon, Jacqueline Cimaz, Geneviève Greco, Marie-Claude Gaillard, Christophe Gaillard, Michel Cimaz, Robert Prudon, Jean-Jacques Petit, Montserrat Prudon, Lucette Petit, Elena Prudon, Marie-Christine Lamarche, Joëlle Pagès-Pindon, Monique Calinon, Catherine David, Michel Mousseau, Fanon Pesson, Bernadette Février, Jean-Luc Parant, Anne Miller, Rachel Stella, Philippe Müller, Kimberly Schoepfler, Richard Kostelanetz, Dona Ellis, Lex Bleys, John V. Maciuika, Anton Perich, Bill Brown, Michael R. Weintraub, Baby + Yuriy Kiselitsu, Kevin Repp, Andreas Rasmussen, Morten Nodin, Simon Duus, Michael Rasmussen, Kristian Hverring, Kristian Byskov, Dorte Dahlin, Henrik Larsen, Anne-Mary Øby, Thierry Machet, Peet Thomsen, Thomas Nielsen, Rebecca Dawson, Lasse Nielsen, Tomer Harari-Kaplan, Zhu Wembo, Pence Gu, Aming, Jiney Chu, Huhu, Zhao Cong, Dee, Zhao Ximming, Broutin, Marie Ogiermann-Koper, Sebastien Hanusa, Katherine Liberoskaya, Birthe Bendixen, Paul-Henry Grund, Christoph Ogiermann, Christoph Grund, Etienne Brunet, Paul Ogiermann-Koper, Vanessa Masing, Hélène Guéna, Malcolm Green, Jethro Cooke, Phill Niblock, Daniel Löwenbrück, Shelley Hirsch, Renate Hoffmann-Korth, Eleni Papazoglou, Stevphen Shukaitis, Eric Alliez, Karina Holland, Flora Macleod, Maite Muñoz, Galia Yanoshevsky, Jean Khalfa, Hannah Thompson, Stephen Scott, Joël Cahen + Louis Horrox-Cahen, Yannick Bouillis, Colette Olof, John Wiese, Andrey Ovchinnikov, Victoria Andreeva, Dmitry Shkarupin, Pasha Arharov, Katya Bochavar, Philip Yakushin, Anna Zhikhareva, Anna Abalikhina, Victoria Astakhova, Kurt Liedwart, Oleg Makarov, Marta Rukazenkova, Hervé Binet, Marie Sochor, Laurent Cauwet, Marie Kawazu, Paul-Armand Gette, Bernadette Février, Virgile Novarina, Jacques Stibler, Marianne Simon-Oikawa, Antoine Esquillat, Sylvain Lecombre, Bénédicte Albessard, Jason Mache, Chloé Nougat, Annette Malochet Malec, François Poyet, Joachim Montessuis, Camille D'arc, Sylvie Boulloud, Jean-Marie Bellemain, Yoko Yamada, Fanny Mangaut, Arnaud Brument, Marguerite Pilven, Turid Wadstein, Marie-Odile Sambourg, Éléonore Léger, Wenjue Zhang, Pierre Mariétan, Paul-Patrick Gette.

Limited edition of 200 numbered and signed copies.
Frédéric Acquaviva, born in 1967, has been since 1990 a sound artist and experimental music composer, creating chronopolyphonic installations and CDs and playing in art galleries, in museums or in underground venues.
Staying away from traditional networks of musicians and composers, he meets and works with historical figures in art, poetry or video, sometimes a long time before their being discovered by the media. He has collaborated this way with Isidore Isou, Maurice Lemaître, Marcel Hanoun, Pierre Guyotat, Jean-Luc Parant, mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg, film maker FJ Ossang and choreographer Maria Faustino, among others.
His astonishing music, in which he chooses an experimental presentation using, is constantly exploring, always in new ways, the relationship between voice and language, sound and its meaning, even the idea of physical body sounds integrated into the musical composition, kept away from the concert hall's diffusions (acousmatic or sound installations). As the critic Eric Vautrin remarked in Mouvement magazine, his work is not a “sound work but a work about sound”.
Acquaviva has become not only one of the essential protagonists of the rediscovery of historical avant-garde, more precisely of Lettrism (Isidore Isou, Gabriel Pomerand, Maurice Lemaître, Gil J Wolman, Jean-Louis Brau, Jacques Spacagna, François Dufrêne, Roland Sabatier, Alain Satié, Broutin), but of Sound Poetry (Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck), and has worked with some unique and outstanding historical figures (Pierre Albert-Birot, Otto Muehl). He has done this through his knowledge of and interest in different disciplines: editing books, curating art exhibitions, being an events creator, lecturing, establishing catalogue raisonnés and bibliographic databases, creating radiophonic works, being an art critic, a filmmaker, and a publisher, with Editions Derrière la Salle de Bains or for his own editions: AcquAvivA, and the magazine CRU.

See also Yoann Sarrat : Phonosophie et corporalité compositionnelle – L'art sonore de Frédéric Acquaviva
Edited by Laurent Cauwet.
Preface by Frédéric Acquaviva.
published in March 2022
bilingual edition (English / French)
13 x 17 cm (softcover)
192 pages
ISBN : 978-2-37896-305-7
EAN : 9782378963057
in stock

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