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Tatiana Trouvé -
A rereading of Tatiana Trouvé's work based on her drawing practice.
MAMCO's collections include the complete set of Tatiana Trouvé's archive of drawings, as well as a room, Prepared Space, of which there exists two versions. The goal of this volume, which is based around these two bodies of work, is to highlight the importance of drawing in the artist's work—the way in which it structures both her vision and her sculpture. Each corpus is described in detail, but also situated within Trouv 's oeuvre in a comprehensive way, thus opening up various possible readings of her work.
French-Italian artist born 1968 in Italy, Tatiana Trouvé spent her childhood in Dakar. A former student of the Villa Arson in Nice, she has developed a personal universe with very inventive materiality.<
Texts by Thierry Davila and Françoise Ninghetto.
published in February 2022
French edition
16 x 23 cm (softcover)
96 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-940656-08-0
EAN : 9782940656080
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