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Pierre Seinturier - Fiat Lux
First monograph.
Introduced by a text by the writer Philippe Jaeneda, Fiat Lux is based on Pierre Seinturier's latest series of paintings and looks at the practice, references and work of the thirty-year-old artist with an already rich career. Mixing photographs of the artist, drawings and paintings, recent and old works, the book goes to the sources of his singular work, full of stories and scenarios where mystery and light go hand in hand.
Pierre Seinturier (born 1988, lives and works in Paris) develops an original practice that mixes drawing with painting, the America of the 1960s with parts of today's countryside. His sources of inspiration are numerous: the humorous drawings of the New Yorker, those of Blutch, Raymond Pettibon, but also the engravings of Edward Hopper and the paintings of David Hockney, the photographs of Walker Evans and Joel Sternfeld, which he appropriates to better interpret them.
Texts by Philippe Jaenada and Barbara Soyer.

Published with galerie Vallois, Paris.
published in September 2021
bilingual edition (English / French)
21 x 32,5 cm (softcover)
116 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-492779-01-5
EAN : 9782492779015
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