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Window / Spacetime

Ayami Awazuhara - Window / Spacetime
Window / Spacetime is a portrait of the city of Berlin. A variety of shops that have names of countries and cities refer to different faraway places and invite the reader on an imaginary journey. Dis- and misplacing distant memories of the past triggers a yearning sense of other destinations within the everyday scenarios.
The publication succeeds a video work with the same title which was shown at the exhibition Drift and Shift in Kunstverein Göttingen in 2018.
Born 1985 in Nagano, Japan, Ayami Awazuhara lives and works in Berlin. Her artistic practice encompasses numerous types of media, including photography, performance, installation, as well as video. Her works are connected by their demonstration of cultural transformation processes, which she seeks in the everyday and the ever-present.
Edited by Tomke Braun.
Text by Ayami Awazuhara.

Graphic design by Santiago da Silva.
published in August 2021
English edition
14 x 20 cm (softcover)
62 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-96436-036-6
EAN : 9783964360366
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