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Bruno Aeberli, Pauline Piguet - Dos Imperial
Similar to a travel diary, sprinkled with tropes of paradisiacal holidays, Dos Imperial interweaves the work of an artist, Bruno Aeberli, a graphic designer, Pauline Piguet, and a writer, Simon Dubois.
Dos Imperial gives a glimpse of the exotic and the unexpected, while revealing the banality of travel and its images. The narrative expressed through images and words, their repetitions and superpowers as well as their voids, reveals as much as it retains, assuming a fragmentary character that tends towards the dreamlike and hallucinatory. The white spaces between the images or within the photographs themselves, the text consisting almost entirely of isolated words, the recurrence of similar images, prevent a linear reading as well as a precise recollection of the images, reminding us of the fleeting nature of the lived experience and the imprecision of its recollection, as well as the impossibility of adequately transmitting a personal lived experience.
Bruno Aeberli (born in 1989 in Morges) is a visual artist living and working in Lausanne. He was first trained in Photography at the Lausanne University of Arts and Design and then in Visual Arts at the Geneva University of Art and Design. His practice is guided by a reflection linked to popular images, their production mechanisms as well as their memorial and material traces present in Western culture. Dissipation, resurgence and fetishism are recurrent concepts in his work.
Pauline Piguet is an independent graphic designer based in Lausanne. She holds a Bachelor's degree in graphic design (Ecal, 2012), a CAS in digital typography (2017, ZHDK) and a Master's degree in Design Research (2021, HKB). Her studio is mainly active in the cultural and artistic field. She focuses on editorial and collaborative projects, experimentation is also a very important aspect of her practice.
Pauline Piguet is the co-founder of ACME publishing.
Edited by Julien Mercier.
Texts by Simon Dubois.
published in 2017
French edition
21 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
168 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9700805-3-4
EAN : 9782970080534
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