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Marianne Hurum - Krabbe
A selection of recent works by one of the central figures in today's Norwegian painting.
Krabbe is a presentation of a selection of Marianne Hurum's paintings dating 2016 to present. Her work is central in the recent years' development of Norwegian painting. The book presents two new essays contextualizing Hurums work by young art historians Ellef Prestsæter and Maria Horvei. The book is designed by Levi Bergqvist and Carl Gürgens and printed at the famous Göteborgtrykkeriet. Krabbe also presents a small selection of Hurum's sculptural works.
Published following the artist's exhibition at the Lillehammer Art Museum, Norway, from February 16 to June 2, 2019.

Awarded: bronze medal from Stiftung Buchkunst Best Book Design from all over the World 2021.
Marianne Hurum (born 1978 in Oslo, where she lives and works) is a Norwegian painter and sculptor. Hurum's world of images is full of visual energy. Using her own colorful vocabulary of tart yellow, green, and pink, she alternates effortlessly between monumental and small sizes on canvas and paper. Her stylistic idiom is abstract and gives the impression of being spontaneous. Her colours are often highly diluted with water, and with this technique she generates a fluid sense of movement that leads both into and out of the pictures. Starting with a transparent, abstract layer of colour, identifiable shapes emerge and are repeated: the bow, the crab, and the flower. These shapes appear in her paintings, watercolours, and sculptures. Marianne Hurum has an open and free approach to art-historic traditions and, not least, the use of materials—she finds plastic as stimulating and important as bronze.
Edited by Janeke Meyer Utne.
Foreword by Nils Ohlsen.
Texts by Ellef Prestsæter and Maria Horvei.

Graphic design: Levi Bergqvist and Carl Gürgens.

Published with the Lillehammer Art Museum.
published in 2019
bilingual edition (English / Norwegian)
21 x 27 cm (softcover, cloth dust jacket)
128 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-82-90241-78-5
EAN : 9788290241785
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