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Good smellMake-up tree

Urs Fischer - Good smell
A surprising book-object created by the artist.
“When encountering the strange objects (sculptures, drawings, installations) made by Urs Fischer (*1973),” writes the book's editor, Beatrix Ruf, “a waterfall of quickly triggered words, memories, comparisons, reproduced knowledge, and understanding is combined with speechlessness. It is as if an Internet search engine had generated a massive number of hits leading to technical and mental breakdown, confronting the user with a simultaneity of information, styles, facts, and possibilities that are at first unmanageable.” The book has been conceived by the artist as a cross-reading of his process-related and “style-less” work through the arrangement of more than 200 images: reproductions of works, installation views, studio shots, and special features. Using all possible ordinary materials, Fischer creates unhierarchical collages of objects and thoughts, high and low aesthetics, mundane and artistic memories, and personal and political interrogation. The publication has been designed by Scipio Schneider in collaboration with the artist, and laid out in printed form as a studio journal. Asked for a contribution, the London-based composer, engineer, and consultant, Garrick Jones (*1965) wrote seven piano studies and a suite for strings and oboe inspired by Fischer's work. Taking up 200 pages of the book, these scores have been recorded, and the results are available on CD or as downloads on request from the publisher.
This catalogue contains 200 pages of Seven Suites Strings & Oboe [021024] and Seven Piano Etudes [021230] scores by Garrick Jones.
This work is fully realised through ongoing remixing of the original data. Data disks are available for this purpose.
The instruction for the musicians, dj's and technicians is "do with it what you will".
The first cycle of remixing was completed on 9 January 2004 by Darren Richards, Leafcutter John, Jamie McCarthy, Scanner, Mika Sellens and Steve Taylor and is published as a CD.
The second cycle is due to be completed on 9 March 2004 in the occasion of Urs Fisher's Show at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Garrick Jones was born in 1965 on a boat in the Indian Ocean and brought up in Africa, Europe, and the US. He is a composer, improvisational performer, university-trained engineer, and consultant based in London.
Trained as a photographer, Urs Fischer (*1973, Zurich) works primarily in the classic media of drawing, sculpture, and painting. Using all possible ordinary materials, Fischer creates non-hierarchical collages of objects and thoughts, high and low aesthetics, mundane and artistic memories, and personal and political interrogation.
He has held solo shows at the ICA in London (2000), the Stedeljik Bureau in Amsterdam (2000), the Kunsthas Glarus (2000), and the Santa Monica Museum of Art (2003). He exhibits regularly at Galerie Presenhuber in Zurich, Sadie Coles HQ in London, and Gavin Brown's Enterprise in New York. In 2004 he had a solo exhibition at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. The catalog Good smell / Make-up tree was published on this occasion.
Edited by Urs Fischer & Beatrix Ruf.
Design by Scipio Schneider.
Redaction by René Lahn & Sonja Claser (Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich).
published in 2004
English edition
24 x 31 cm
474 pages (264 colour illusrations - without text)
ISBN : 978-2-940271-32-0
EAN : 9782940271320
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Good smell Good smell
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