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La troisième oreille et autres textes (+ CD)

Bryan Lewis Saunders - La troisième oreille et  autres textes (+ CD)
An extreme experience seeking to hear the body's internal sounds. It uses both the medium of drawing and of writing to account for the metamorphoses produced by this sensorial experiment.
“The Third Ear Experiment, produced by Brant Withers, was an attempt to connect my Eustachian tubes to my pineal gland by physically rerouting the way in which sound entered my body. For 28 days straight, from October 25th to November 21st 2011, I blocked up my external ears and attached a copper funnel to my mouth and set out to see and hear what would happen. The experiment was both extremely torturous and meditative. Each day gave birth to a multitude of new ideas of which I was unable to document thoroughly. The act of documentation itself was often a hindrance to the experience so I made quick notes and as many sketches and paintings as possible for future illustration and investigation and I could easily spend the rest of my life in doing so.”

“As you deny the ability to hear with your external ears, sound is redirected and heard through the inside of your mouth. Immediately, the noises of your own body moving around in the world grow overwhelmingly loud. Shortly thereafter, you begin to hear with your third ear”.
Included a copy of Bryan Lewis Saunders' CD, L'expérience de la troisième oreille.

Limited edition of 450 numbered copies.

A series dedicated to sound arts, based on a cultural, musical and literary long term project, “Rip on/off” is directed by Christian Indermuhle and Thibault Walter, published by Van Dieren editions.
Bryan Lewis Saunders (born 1969, in Washington, DC) is a US stand-up tragedy performer whose lyrics combine both codes of Lettrist performance, public confession and self-fiction. In his writing, Saunders aims to reflect and to break down the white trash culture in a self-experiment that transforms the body through radical experiences.
Edited and translated from the English (American) by Lionel Bize, Laura Daengeli, Samia Guerid, Christian Indermuhle, Christine Ritter, Thibault Walter.
Texts by Bryan Lewis Saunders, Agnès Giard, Lionel Bize.

Published by Van Dieren editions.
published in October 2014
French edition
14,8 x 20,2 cm (softcover)
240 pages + CD
ISBN : 978-2-911087-95-0
EAN : 9782911087950
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