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Jérôme Zonder - Fruits
Jérôme Zonder's drawings in large format.
These remarkable graphite and charcoal drawings design a neurotic world mingling childhood and ultra-violence, intimacy and History, traumatic experiences and moments of candor... Chiaroscuro strengthens the rawness of the scenes as well as sifting them, helping to outline a work of delicate darkness.
A graduate of the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in 2001, Jérôme Zonder (born 1974) has developed a virtuosic work centered on the constantly reinvented practice of drawing. The variations in the scale of his works - realized in lead pencil and charcoal - generate spatial circulation games: the visitor strolls spatially and mentally through the mysteries of an extremely vivid polygraphic system. In his work, there are neighboring references to Albrecht Dürer, Robert Crumb, Rembrandt, Charles Burns, Otto Dix and Walt Disney, and together, these compose narratives with eclectic, sometimes cruel themes: "Narration pulls us into the drawing, and only the body keeps us on the surface. Drawing, for me, is existing constantly between distance and proximity, figuration and abstraction, attraction and repulsion." The singularity of his narrative, historical and sociological approach, along with his great technical skill make Jérôme Zonder one of the most interesting draftsmen of his generation.
published in May 2015
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30 x 40 cm (softcover)
60 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37543-038-5
EAN : 9782375430385
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Fruits Fruits
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