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Philippe Parreno - Parade?
In collaboration with the American illustrator Johan Olander, Philippe Parreno has created this children's book. Sixteen monsters are presented, described, and illustrated. In the form of a fable written by the artist, the parade of monsters confronts the reader with figures such as Propaganda Rabbit, Beamer, Audiotron, and Reality.
Published (with a reference monograph) on the occasion of the Philippe Parreno exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris, June - September 2009.
Philippe Parreno, French artist, was born in 1964 in Oran (Algeria).
Edited by Karen Marta.
Texts by Johan Olander, Philippe Parreno.
Designed by M/M (Paris).
published in 2009
English edition
22,8 x 33,8 cm (softcover)
36 pages (18 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-048-7
EAN : 9783037640487
sold out
Parade? Parade? Parade?

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