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La nef des fous (vinyl LP)

Robert Cahen - La nef des fous (vinyl LP)
Five pieces of musique concrète recorded in the GRM studios between 1971 and 1974 by the composer and pioneering video artist.
"In the 1970s, Robert Cahen turned to the burgeoning field of video art, where he became a pioneering artist. He was originally trained in musique concrète, his creative background, and joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in 1972. The pieces on this record were composed in the GRM studios between 1971 and 1974. They testify to a lively inspiration and imagination combined with a precocious formal mastery that already carries the seeds of later developments, which the artist cleverly and inventively deployed in the field of visual arts."
François Bonnet

This record is part of the series extending the Recollection GRM program, originally created and produced with Peter Rehberg and Editions Mego.
Video artist, director, and composer (an active member of the GRM since 1971 and collaborator of Pierre Schaeffer), Robert Cahen (born 1945 in Valence, France) is considered as one of the most significant figures in the field of video creation. His work can be recognised through his use of slow motion and his manner of exploring sound as it relates to the image in the creation of his own poetic universe.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle, Berlin.
Layout: Stephen O'Malley.
published in January 2024
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