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For a Manifesto of the New Ceramics / Per un Manifesto per una nuova ceramica

 - For a Manifesto of the New Ceramics / Per un Manifesto per una nuova ceramica
A panorama of the art of ceramics.
Manifesto per una nuova ceramica [For a Manifesto of the New Ceramics] is born from the necessity to shape a shared feeling, a "trembling," that crossed the Italian and international ceramics landscape in the past few years. Irene Biolichini, curator and professor, intercepted this sensation and, in collaboration with Fondazione ICA Milano, has curated, between October and March 2022, a unique public program of six talks focused on the twentieth-century ceramics that aim to depict the panorama of this art through the points of view of twenty-three artists.
The six meetings are here collected to create a real Manifesto of the new ceramics. What emerges is an archipelago, a manifesto of the individualities composing it. A collegial narrative that considers the historical moment and space in which the ceramics live: for this reason, Iris Ceramic Group supports the project, being part and parcel of this "Manifesto of the New Ceramics." Only if the production industry meets the artistic soul of the ceramics world can a new way of creating exist.
Edited by Irene Biolchini.
Texts by Andrea Anastasio, Salvatore Arancio, Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli, Irene Biolchini, Lorenza Boisi, Vincenzo Cabiati, Chiara Camoni, Marco Ceroni, Diego Cibelli, Tommaso Corvi-Mora, Paolo Gonzato, Ugo La Pietra, Loredana Longo, Claudia Losi, Concetta Modica, Liliana Moro, Ornaghi e Prestinari, Alessandro Roma, Andrea Salvatori, Francesco Simeti, Sissi, Federico Tosi.
published in February 2023
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
16,5 x 24 cm (softcover)
238 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-559-7
EAN : 9788867495597
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