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Hang in There, Baby

Ani Shulze - Hang in There, Baby
First monograph.
"Much of Ani Schulze's work creeps, worms, twists, curls, ripples, slithers and slides," writes Baptist Ohrtmann in his text Slack, ooze, creep, leak. "Her work shows a sensorium of loose ends. It implies the hanging, the flapping, the meandering, and the dangling. Things are outlandish and stand out. At the same time, they seem strangely surrendered to gravity. Many lie motionless on the floor, drooping, hanging over, limp, sloppy and seemingly will-less, anhedonic. They show a soft vulnerability–skin without body, body without skin–which carries the inside to the outside."
Published on the occasion of Lovers & Hunters Ani Schulze's solo exhibition at Kunstverein Siegen, this exquisitely designed book by Lamm & Kirch includes texts by Oriane Durand, Baptist Ohrtmann and a conversation between Ani Schulze and Jennifer Cierlitza. It presents Ani Schulze's first catalogue, providing an insight into her multifaceted practice, which moves seamlessly between film, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation.
Ani Schulze (born 1982 in Frankenberg, Germany) studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Glasgow School of Arts, at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Kunstakademie Karlsruhe (2009-2014). Her practice moves seamlessly between film, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. In her work she sensitively processes, merges and let collide various materials (such as ceramics, textiles, smell, metal, video, sound, etc.), hence the craft process plays a major role. The artist creates visual worlds in which history and stories are encircled in dreamlike images, fusing reality and imagination, mythological and scientific references, personal and collective experiences. She explores the mutual relationship and the porous boundaries between the human body and its environment, as well as the effects of advancing digitalisation and capitalism on these. Ani Schulze's works unbalance our handling with power structures, norms and regulations. In doing so, they play with familiar and at the same time arouse suspicion.
Edited by Jennifer Cierlitza.
Texts by Oriane Durand and Baptist Ohrtmann; conversation between Ani Schulze and Jennifer Cierlitza.
published in February 2023
bilingual edition (English / German)
23 x 31,7 cm (softcover)
132 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-541-2
EAN : 9788867495412
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