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Published by Zamân Books, Zamân is a cross-disciplinary review, which provides diverse perspectives on the Western and the Eastern World. The first two issues were published in 1979 and 1980 by Iranians exiles living in France. It was revived in the Spring of 2010, with the will to address topical issues and to focus on the relationship between science, art, and literature, with a critical perspective inherited from the Eastern studies and the postcolonial studies.
promotes the works of modern and contemporary artists (Barbad Golshiri, Ziad Antar, Julien Audebert, Abbas Akhavan, Jordi Colomer, Mitra Farahani, Shezad Dawood, Bahman Mohassess, Marwan…), rediscovered writers and untranslated authors in French (Zeynep Çelik, Laura U. Marks, Sohrab Sepehri, Etel Adnan, Giuseppe Pitrè…).
Zamân is elaborated in Paris by Élie Colistro (graphic designer), Lætitia Mate̱ke̱ (editorial coordinator), and Morad Montazami (editor-in-chief).
French edition
The Seventh Issue of Zamâm magazine gathers innovative artists, curators, and art historians to investigate the relationships between the Pacific Region and the Mediterranean Basin, from Morocco to India (with Toni Maraini, Eric Baudelaire, Geeta Kapur, Touda Bouanani, Faouzi Laatiris…).

French edition
The “Scenario” issue investigates narrative and speculative processes within both poetic and political fields (science fiction, geopolitics, universal and colonial exhibitions…)

French edition
On “heretical Orientalism”: the Sicilian Inquisition in the 17th century, the works of Bahman Mohassess, Marwan, the poems of Etel Adnan…

French edition
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This issue explores the legacy of the mythological, religious, and scientific figures from modern Orientalism.

French edition
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