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Julia Rommel

Julia Rommel (born 1980 in Salisbury, MD, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) is an American abstract painter with a strong interest in the art historical canon. Keenly aware of the precedents set by Abstract Expressionists as well as European Masters such as Matisse, her paintings are manifestations of a process of construction and deconstruction that eventuates in an abstract work that not only has a sense of the history of its own making but is also loosely associative in its reference to landscape. In her paintings, Rommel is less interested in signature brush strokes than in what she describes as using tools “to keep my signature away” . Her paintings act equally as research into color. While they are not attempts at color harmonies, the artist is interested in the conflict between colors and of using tones to eliminate one another. Rommel's work acts between painting and relief, insisting on the objectiveness of the work.
Julia Rommel -
English edition
Zolo Press
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Julia Rommel's eponymous monograph gathers a decade of her painterly obsessions, with texts by the artist and writer Rebecca Bengal.

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