Jean-Guy Coulange

Jean-Guy Coulange (born 1955 in Les Arcs, France) first started as a composer and multi-instrumentalist for the music industry, theater, radio and cinema. Since 2008, he has been exclusively devoted to sound and radio creation.

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Jean-Guy Coulange - Bruissons
French edition
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
A village, its people, nine characters, some children, a forest. Three seasons : winter, lockdown an spring. Bruissons is the tale of a motionless journey, slightly disrupted. An exhibition – pictures, sounds. And a book.
Jean-Guy Coulange - Route Finistère Sud
French edition
Hippocampe - Books
Jean-Guy Coulange - La Traversée (du paysage) – Sonore, écriture, photographie
French edition
Hippocampe - Books
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This publication is a literary narrative depicting radio projects on the landscape of French rivers Somme and Rance. It includes notes documenting the making of the two radio plays, as well as a series of 23 photographs.
Jean-Guy Coulange - Je descends la rue de Siam - Carnets sonores et photographiques
French edition
Hippocampe - Books
These notebooks gather texts and photographs documenting the creation process at the heart of Jean-Guy Coulange's radiophonic practice.

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