Sonia Chiambretto & Yoann Thommerel

Sonia Chiambretto is a French contemporary author, whose writing associates fictional narratives, testimonies, and archives to build up a language that is both musical and raw. She runs workshops in art schools and theaters. Since 2011, she teaches at the University of Aix-Marseille. With Yoann Thommerel, she founded the Groupe Parallèle.

Yoann Thommerel is an author and a playwright. An editor at Nous publishing house, he is the founder of Grumeaux—a review of poetry and experimental literature. He co-founded the Groupe Parallèle with Sonia Chiambretto.
 Sonia Chiambretto & Yoann Thommerel - Questionnaire élémentaire - En lien avec le Groupe d\'information sur les ghettos (g.i.g.)
French edition
Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers
A poetical and political questionnaire focusing on social exclusion and isolation issues in a French ghetto.

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