Maria-Mercè Marçal

Maria-Mercè Marçal (1952-1998) is one of the major Catalan female poet and feminist of the second-half of the twentieth century. She wrote more than a dozen books, including the collection of poems Cau de llunes, the award-winning novel La passió segons Renée Vivien, and an Anthology of Catalan female poets from the twentieth century. A graduate in classical philosophy, she taught Catalan language and literature and translated into Catalan the likes of Yourcenar, Sagan, Colette, and Akhmàtova.
Maria-Mercè Marçal - Tanières de lunes
French edition
Supernova - Books
First French translation of Cau de llunes, a collection of poems written after Franco's death by one of the major voices of Catalan poetry, female poet Maria-Mercè Marçal.

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