Nicolas Boulard

Born 1976 in Reims (France), Nicolas Boulard lives and works in Paris. The distinctive feature in his artistic approach has to do with the on the face of it crazy marriage between art and wine. His visual vocabulary is organized essentially around wine and various ways of producing it—a context with which the artist is familiar, it just so happens, because of his own family history. His works, which are at once immaterial and tangible, precise and endless, and hyper-sensitive and anti-monumental, illustrate a certain lucidity about vine-growing systems, and, at the same time, offer a re-reading and a representation thereof that break with tradition.

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Nicolas Boulard - The French Paradox
bilingual edition (English / French)
Analogues - Monographs
Monograph devoted to the singular visual lexicon that Nicolas Boulard organizes around wine and wine production.

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