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A Season in Slemani

Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli - A Season in Slemani
A series of artistic residencies in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Between March and June 2019, Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli invited a number of artists to join him and each develop an artistic project in the city of Sulaymaniyah (Slemani, in Kurdish), in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan. These invitations gave rise to a series of artists' residencies and long-distance collaboration projects, leading to the need to relate to the territory. Indeed, a territory which welcomed and hosted the artists and their projects throughout this experience, on an everyday level, one that unfolds despite the critical aspects that affect the area and the objective difficulty in reaching it.
The book A Season in Slemani brings together the outcomes of this programme and presents a selection of photographic and documentary materials which tell and contextualise the underlying processes. The volume also features a text by Ilaria Gianni (independent curator and writer) and a chronology of the area compiled by Camilla Insom (researcher in Iranian Studies, La Sapienza University, Rome).
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli (born 1982) lives and works in Rome. Graduated in philosophy, Tribbioli's practice is mainly project-oriented: it develops from researches and theoretical references, and it is then acted in a wide range of media, resulting in performances, installations and films. His works has been presented in museums, art institutions and film festivals, among wich: MAMbo (Bologna 2018), ICA (London 2016), Lincoln Center (NY 2016), Quadriennale di Roma (Rome 2016) and Centre d'Art Contemporain (Genève 2015). In 2004 he founded with Gabriele Silli and Giacomo Sponzilli the Mastequoia art group.
Photographs by Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Gabriele Silli, Giacomo Sponzilli, Giulio Squillacciotti, Manuel Scano Larrazábal, Fondazione Baruchello.
Texts by Ilaria Gianni, Camilla Insom, Gabriele Silli, Giacomo Sponzilli, Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli.

Graphic design: Edoardo Visalli.
published in November 2021
English edition
17 x 21 cm (softcover)
97 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 979-12-80336-04-0
EAN : 9791280336040
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