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Bilan de parcours

Mathilde Ganancia - Bilan de parcours
A journey in the land of absurdity made by weird and often futile heroines, YouTubers who are losers and extremely unproductive manageresses...
Mathilde Ganancia's writing only lets through a few rare clues to her artistic practice that are even so hard to spot - except that they outline a social, light-hearted fantasy phantasmagoria, a vaguely feminist but frankly grungy utopia, fierce and with no way out. Somewhere between Céline Minard and Alphonse Allais, the author draws the trajectories of improbable but sophisticated heroines from a so unusual imaginary world. Her short stories are little jewels of unlikelihood that nevertheless form delightful itineraries, leading to comical situations where the unbelievable eventually takes over, against all logic. With a polished language and a distinguished vocabulary that uses just the right amount of Frenglish words to echo the times, her little embedded and gently grating tales mock rather than condemn alternative practices to the establishment, like allopathic medicine—rather outdated by its need to be "in vogue"—, or space youtubers caught in their own trap of fame, a jubilant parallel with our media superheroes, when it's not about making out of the glasses revolution the prism of a desperately doomed social climb.
Fraîches Fictions is a collection of artists' writings, co-produced and co-published by Zéro2 éditions and the Bains-Douches Art Centre at Alençon. Starting from the observation that more and more artists are producing poetic and fictional texts, these two organizations have joined together to offer young artists a chance to be published. The design is by Sunny-side-up: these two Brussels-based graphic designers have created a minimal and elegant format combining an embossed title on a steel-blue cover.
Mathilde Ganancia is a French artist based in Paris.
Graphic design: Sunny Side Up, Brussels.

Published with Les Bains Douches, Alençon.
published in July 2021
French edition
12 x 17,5 cm (softcover)
92 pages
ISBN : 978-2-906998-12-1
EAN : 9782906998121
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