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Bonne arrivée ou la Numination

Eden Tinto Collins - Bonne arrivée ou la Numination
A crazed narrative of entasy, a free-fall plunge into the vortex of digital introspection and poetic-cum-militant blackness.
A digital reverie, a phantasmatic dive into a torrent of pixels, a re-exploration of the myth of Ophelia. Eden Tinto Collins' text goes through the "apps" and vamps the "techno novlanguage", as it laughs at its drifts and linguistic tics. Bonne arrivée ou la Numination is a contemporary tale, a cyborg fantasy that interweaves the thirst for an escape and the anxieties of an era haunted by an increasingly ghostly and threatening cloud where everything seems to be vanishing and distorted. The author is a great inventor of neologisms that are part Sci-Fi, part geek, part inner-city slang, which she then integrates into the flow of a flamboyant lingo without anyone noticing or realizing it. "Entase" is a sublime example of this, as it sumps up the emancipatory desires of an algorhythm-ed generation whose only escape plan seems to be the poetic intrusions of a re-enchanted matrix.
Fraîches Fictions is a collection of artists' writings, co-produced and co-published by Zéro2 éditions and the Bains-Douches Art Centre at Alençon. Starting from the observation that more and more artists are producing poetic and fictional texts, these two organizations have joined together to offer young artists a chance to be published. The design is by Sunny-side-up: these two Brussels-based graphic designers have created a minimal and elegant format combining an embossed title on a steel-blue cover.
Eden Tinto Collins (lives and works in Paris) is a "hyper-media poet" who collaboratively explores notions of networks and interdependence, fictions and mythologies, in the performance and experimental cinema fields.
Graphic design: Sunny Side Up, Brussels.

Published with Les Bains Douches, Alençon.
published in July 2021
French edition
12 x 17,5 cm (softcover)
74 pages
ISBN : 978-2-906998-11-4
EAN : 9782906998114
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